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Corporate Nambucca Macnuts Pty Ltd

Nambucca Macnuts Pty Ltd is a macadamia nut processing plant. It is located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The facility and staff are uniquely qualified to deliver the finest quality Australian macadamia nut kernel, macadamia oil and value added consumer products to a discerning Public

The Nambucca valley Macadamia Nuts

The midcoast region of NSW in Australia is world renowned for the quality of its produce. The local nuts are no exception. Nambucca Macnuts is privileged to be a key player in the Australian Industry and processes the production of over 90 macadamia orchards from here in the Nambucca Valley district and elsewhere

The local climate is extremely gentle and even, thus allowing the nuts to fill with oil over a longer period and with minimum stress. This helps to result in a high grade premium product. Through world class farming practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) quality control procedures and sheer dedication, Nambucca Macnuts' products have become a benchmark standard against which other macadamias are compared

Individual members of our Board and Management are intimately involved at every level of the growing, processing and distribution process, we are able to maintain the highest quality standards at every stage of the farm to consumer chain. Furthermore, our Directors, Management and Shareholders are highly experienced "hands on" industry people who have played important key roles in the development of the Australian Macadamia Nut Industry. They really do know their nuts

Throughout the last decade Nambucca Macnuts Pty Ltd has continued to invest heavily in plant and equipment. This includes first rate cracking and de-husking machinery, silos and extensive infrastructure. It all helps to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality macadamia nut products available anywhere in the world

Macadamia wholesale and retail purchases

Bulk macadamia kernel is generally supplied in a nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealed laminated foil package to reduce oxygen concentration and prevent oxidative rancidity ensuring a long storage life. Macadamias sold through our retail outlet are packed in laminated foil pouches, metal cans, glass, PET jars or plastic film packs with a high oxygen barrier. Nambucca Macnuts Pty Ltd have a great range of finished products available. Should you have a special need will be happy to discuss your own particular requirements with you

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